Friday, July 17, 2009

Out of the mouth of a teen....

I recently read this poem from a teen in our youth group on Facebook. With her permission I am posting it....she seems to capture well the culture war that is raging on, the conflict in the lives of youth, and how she wants to call them out! One can feel her passion about what it really means to be a follower of Jesus.....

The Lukewarm Church.
by Alicia

oh hey hows it going.
this is me again.
caught in the middle of this big dramatic love-hate fest.

Did you forget
...It's always about us.
We dont really care about you.
Cant you tell??

I mean, cmon...we post it everyday on myspace/facebook.

We're just too caught up in ourselves
and our dramato "give the glory"
to the One who

A wise person once told's worse to be LUKEWARM than ICE COLD.

...just spare me already. it makes me sick.
if you're just going to go against everything the bible says, please just don't call yourself a Christ follower.
It messes with people's head.

sorry, but real Christ followers don't look up pornography.
It's just not what we're about.
And being a bystander and not saying anything is just as bad.
Don't tell me that it's not and you had nothing to do with it.

don't encourage the people (who actually care about living the right way), to look at that trash that the world tries to publicize.
You were supposed to be the role models.
Couldn't take the heat?
too much responsibility to do the right thing?
Grow up.

I don't know about you, but when someone finds out how amazing and forgiving the love of
God is, bringing them down and distracting them from their brand new walk with Him, is not my first thought.

i am not perfect.
i am a hypocrite.
but so are you.

Just because I make mistakes, doesnt mean that I don't have the right to speak out.
I love Jesus.
I fall.
He picks me up.
I'm so thankful that He weighs every sin the same.

I am sooo unbelievably sick and disgusted with fake Christians in my life.
people who deliberately turn their back on Christ.
beats me.
most likely.
But stop trying to bring me down with you.

Like sometimes I just want to screaaamm.
I am so frustrated that you REFUSE to live up to your full potential.
We used to be united. A core group sold out.
But none of that matters now.
Nothing I say will make a difference to you people.
You go do your own thing.
I cant care anymore.

But don't think that people dont see you.
All eyes are on YOU.
Especially those who look up to you.
Like those who are younger...
And those who are new to this whole new relationship with God.

Michael Jackson passed away June 25, 2009
He was an "interesting" individual.
Not necessarily the "best guy"
But he was one of God's creation. His Child.
From how Michael lived his life,
I would assume that he did not discover that life with Christ
...full of joy
So now where do you think he is?

That should break the hearts of every Christian.
But I actually heard someone say that "he got what he deserved.."
In our culture, maybe so.
But that is not how Jesus thinks.
He's waiting for us.
All the way up to the last second.
That's what unconditional love is all about.

It devastates me when we, the people who claim to love God with all our hearts,
Can't find love and forgiveness in our hearts for others.
((God's creations))
What makes you so holy and righteous??
It can't be that judgemental attitude can it?

The dirty sexual jokes are getting old.
The 4-letter words are giving me a headache.
You pick a side!
Don't bother picking somewhere in the middle.
It's just insulting.

You inspire me.
To be a better person.
To make sure I don't turn out like you.
Your reputation sucks.

I'm exhausted of the middle school drama.
Go ahead..just add fuel to the fire.
Let's see how that works for you.
Not going very well..?
I told you to keep your mouths shut and be the bigger person.

Don't say that you HATE drama.

When you INSTIGATE it.

I can't handle lukewarm Christ/Satan followers.
think about that.